Give Your Ride a Sleek New Look

Give Your Ride a Sleek New Look

Ask us about chrome deleting and headlight tinting in Lubbock, TX

Do you want to own a car unlike any other on the road? Customize your vehicle with chrome deleting services, headlight tinting and more. Contact Warrior Wraps Texas to have full control over the design in Lubbock, TX.

Turn heads in the parking lot. A chrome delete can get rid of the usual chrome elements on your vehicle to create a brand-new look. Call 806-308-0016 today to set up an appointment for our headlight tinting and chrome delete services.

What do you need to know about chrome deleting?

A chrome delete is a service used to cover up chrome accents on your vehicle's exterior. A chrome delete can:

  • Be used to cover up window trim, door handles, headlight inlays and more
  • Match the color of your vehicle or stand out with a contrasting pattern
  • Be installed in a few hours and last for years

The trained technicians at Warrior Wraps Texas will work closely with you to ensure a finished product you'll love. Don't settle for a car that looks like thousands of others on the road. Speak with us today to get started a chrome delete or headlight tinting service in Lubbock, TX.